Sophie Crossart (b. 1989) is a representational watercolour artist who paints highly detailed paintings inspired by botanical themes and Nature. Her work explores the contrast between the awe-inspiring, complex fortitude of Nature, and its simple elegance and ephemeral quality. She composes her paintings with an airy feel and connects our own detailed nature to the magnificent structures of stars and galaxies that surround us in space.

In Sophie’s smaller works, memory plays a key role. By painting the seemingly insignificant natural treasures she collected as a child, she rekindles the innocent admiration and gratitude for Nature we all once knew. Each of her paintings “grows” from pigments, paper and vellum in a slow and contemplative process. The result is a realistic and tranquil style that maintains a distinct painterly quality and instills her works with a love for life.

Sophie studied Art History in the Netherlands and Germany (B.A. & M.A.) and obtained her doctoral degree in Munich (Ph.D). Her work is informed by her academic background in the historical depiction of everyday life and the natural world. Sophie works in watercolour on paper and vellum, and also does illustrations in pen and ink. Her paintings reside in collections worldwide. She is based in Heidelberg, Germany and welcomes commissions and collaborations.

Fine artist and illustrator (Freischaffend Künstlerin)

Online and private tutor,

Teacher at the Volkshochschule Heidelberg

SBA Fellow — The Society of Botanical Artists

Founding member VBKD — Verein Botanische Kunst Deutschland

Member — GEDOK (Heidelberg division) Federation of

women artists and patrons of the arts

2021 — DipSBA(Dist), The Society of Botanical Artists

2016 — Ph.D Art History, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

For enquiries about purchasing or commissioning works of art, or if you simply wish to know more about Sophie’s paintings please feel free to contact us!

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