Panspermia, Sophie Crossart. Antennae Galaxies. Watercolor. Botanical Art.

Panspermia, 57 x 45 cm, Watercolour on Paper.

In WE ARE THE UNIVERSE Sophie explores the themes of existence, self-awareness and life. Observing details, shapes and forms from nature and connecting them to structures found in space, she puts the particular beauty of earthly life into the broader context of our universe. Each of the paintings is painted in pure watercolour on paper and will also be available as Limited Edition Archival Digital Print.

We are the universe, Sophie Crossart. Milky Way. Watercolor. Botanical Art.

We are the Universe, 58 x 76 cm, Watercolour on Paper.

For enquiries about purchasing or commissioning works of art, or if you simply wish to know more about Sophie’s paintings please feel free to contact us! 

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